How are rate plans affected by rate strategy rules?

You can use a rate strategy to adjust a listing's price per night, the minimum number of nights per stay, and set up availability restrictions for a listing. The Multi Calendar and the relevant listing's calendar will automatically be updated to reflect these adjustments. 
A listing can only have one rate strategy assigned to it.
Any rate plans you set up in Guesty will apply on top of the prices and minimum nights as determined by the rate strategy rules, and further adjust them.
The rate plan adjustments won't be reflected in the calendars. This is because multiple rate plans can be assigned to the same listing in a booking channel, selling it in a mix of prices and cancellation policies.
When using both rate strategy and rate plans, check if they overlap in their dates.
For example: A rate strategy can be assigned for a specific holiday, and apply the following rule: a 10% increase in the base price per night, and a minimum number of 3 nights per stay. At the same time, a rate plan set for all year may require only 2 nights per stay and doesn't apply any price adjustments. In this case, the rate plan will override the rate strategy rule, and a guest can book a stay of 2 nights with no price increase.
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