Airbnb sync settings

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Airbnb has two sync settings: "Sync Everything" and "Only Sync Pricing and Availability".

Once your listings are connected to Airbnb, your sync settings in Airbnb will be set to "Sync Everything".

Read more about these sync settings below or watch our video. Learn how to change your sync settings in Airbnb.


We recommend managing your listing's details in Guesty as any changes made directly in Airbnb might be overwritten by Guesty.



Sync everything

Under this sync setting, all listing information is managed in Guesty, and listing details or photos set in Guesty will replace any content created on Airbnb.
Rule-sets can still be set up in Airbnb under this sync setting.

Only sync pricing and availability

Under this sync setting, pricing, availability, and messages are managed in Guesty while listing details, such as content/translated content and booking settings, are managed in Airbnb. 


Airbnb plus and luxe listings can only be set to "only pricing and availability".

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