Onboarding to Guesty: Automation Tools

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Setting up financial settings for your Guesty account.

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Now that you are receiving reservations and your financial settings are in order, learn how to use Guesty's automation tools to save time every day on recurring actions.
  1. Auto List: Decide when properties should automatically list and unlist on booking channels.
  2. Workflows: a series of automated actions throughout a reservation that allows you to streamline communication, like automated messages, where you can schedule messages to be sent out automatically to provide guests with the information they need, such as check-in instructions.
  3. Auto Payments: Collect payments from guests automatically.
  4. Auto Response: Make sure messages from Airbnb guests are answered in a timely fashion, even when you are unavailable.
  5. Auto Review: Make sure Airbnb guests are always reviewed, by letting Guesty post on your behalf.
  6. Auto Tasks: Schedule tasks around the life-cycle of the reservation, such as check-out. 
  7. Smart Calendar Rules: Connect listings through their calendars, such that a confirmed reservation on one will automatically block these dates on any connected listing's calendar.

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