Marriott Homes & Villas listing requirements (via BookingPal)

BookingPal provides a method to integrate your Guesty listings with your Marriott Homes & Villas account. To be eligible to list your properties on the Marriott Homes & Villas booking channel, listings must meet the requirements below.

Minimum requirements for property listing

Each property must include:

  • Unique property name (min 8 characters, max 255)
  • Listing ID (provided by HVMI Integration team)
  • HMC ID (provided by HVMI integration team)
  • Accurate property address
  • Property description
  • Number of “rooms” > 0
  • Bedroom arrangements are present (e.g., Bedroom with 1 Queen Bed, Living Room with Sleeper
  • Sofa)
  • A minimum of 6 pictures with minimum res of 500 x 800 (we recommend 20 pics)
  • A minimum of 5 amenities
  • Cancellation policy (14, 30, 60 or 90 days)
  • At least 3 days of consecutive availability and nightly base pricing over the next 365 days

If you meet these requirements, you will be eligible to sign up to Marriott Homes and Villas through the Property Management Company Interest Form.

Multi-Rep property listings

A multi-rep property listing is a listing that supports multiple identical units, meaning all units have the same number of bedrooms, bed types, bathroom, room views, etc. This type of listing is common for hotels and resorts. The listing’s description content and images must accurately reflect all units within the listing. If there are different unit types, then each unique unit type must be a separate listing.

For example:

Property name: Tranquil Modern Mansion with Secluded Beachfront Access Ocean View, 1 Bed
Listing ID: 12345
Property type group = MULTI_REP
Inventory count = 10

Additional requirements for multi-rep property listings

Each multi-rep listing must include the following in addition to the minimum property listing requirements:

  • Unique Property Name – If there are more than one multi-rep listings at the same property, then each listing will still need a unique property name. No 2 listings should have the same property name
  • Property Type Group = MULTI_REP
  • Total Inventory Count - The total number of rooms per unit. All units under the same multi-rep listing will have the same number of rooms
  • Bathrooms – Number of bathrooms per unit. All units under the same multi-rep listing will have the same number of bathrooms and identical bathroom types. For example, if one unit has a shower and the other unit has a bathtub, then these two will be separate listing.
  • Bedrooms – Number of bedrooms per unit. All units under the same multi-rep listing will have the same number of bedrooms and bed types.
  • Property Description – There will be one description will be applied to all units within the same listing.
  • Image - A minimum of 6 pictures with a minimum resolution of 500 x 800 (we recommend 20 pictures). 
    • For multi-rep listings the images must be representative of all units. There will be a disclaimer that communicates small discrepancies in images and units. For example, a listing has units with full ocean view on Floor 1 and Floor 9. The views will be slightly different, but it will still be a full ocean view. However, if there is a room with a partial ocean view, then this unit will be a separate listing from the full ocean view.

HVMI required product listing information

To Do
Don't Do
Names for 
Each property on the Marriott platform will have a title unique to the channel, written adhering to the strict standards below (cannot repeat name for multiple properties). This ensures platform consistency, as well as differentiates the Marriott product from other channels/platforms.
For multi-rep, separate listings must have different names regardless if they have same address.
•STRONG EXAMPLE: “Tranquil Modern Mansion with Secluded
Beachfront Access”
•WEAK EXAMPLE: “Nice Condo Close to Downtown”
•UNACCEPTABLE EXAMPLE: “Salty Paws” (specific name HMC already uses for this property on their direct/other channels)
•UNACCEPTABLE EXAMPLE: “The Pinnacle” (does not have any descriptors or follow the appropriate naming standards
•Use same property names you use on your direct/other channels for HVMI
•Use exclamation points as ‘attention getters’ or periods of any kind
•Use abbreviations such as ‘BR’ for bedroom or ‘w/’ for with
•Use the exact same home name for multiple multi-rep listing
•Every home description should tell a story about the unique guest
experience, features, and highlights of a home
•Re-writing channel-unique home descriptions is not required (i.e.
HMCs can copy existing descriptions from their PMS). Check the proper formatting to ensure spacing is appropriate and not one long paragraph
•Include detail on unique situations for this home which the guest may need to be aware of (i.e. pets are accepted and require a $100 non-refundable fee to be paid directly to the management company after the reservation is confirmed, etc.)
•For multi-rep listings, all units will be identical. Thus, there will be one single description that will be applied to all units (i.e. “this condo
offers an ocean view” = all units within the listing must have an
ocean view).
•Include name of specific HMC in the home description
•Include name of specific unit brand in the home description
•Include name of specific channel in the home description
•Description does not match all units within multi-rep listing
House Rules
•Write applicable house rules for each/all properties
•Include any details around deposits required to be paid
•Include name of specific HMC in the house rules
•Include specific HMC contact information in the house rules
•Include any cancellation policy related detail which is for your direct website or other competitor channel
Bedding by 
•Please indicate what bed-type option is available for each
bedroom per property
•Include bedding in a living room such as a sleeper sofa.
•For multi-rep listing, bedding décor can vary between units. However, if units vary from one another in bed type
(i.e. king size bed vs bunk beds), then a separate listing must be created
•Select multiple bed types that are not clear to the guest
•Example: If you have a bunk bed or sofa bed in a particular room, please select the best bedding type or size to display on the product detail page. You can further specify what type or size of the bunk/sofa bed within the home description (i.e. You cannot select “queen,” “twin,” and “bunk” bed for a queen/twin bunk bed as it will mislead the guest)
•Please ensure all appropriate amenities are selected in your PMS so they feed over accordingly into Marriott platform
•Exclude any amenities which are considered ‘local area’
amenities which might not be available in the home or
resort/community (i.e. if jet skis are available via a rental agency just down the street, then this should not be indicated on the listing. Only if jet skis are available with
the home rental or within the resort community should
they be listed)
•For multi-rep listing, all amenities must be the same across units.
•Forget to include key amenities like heating, air conditioning, bathtub, pool elevator, free parking, etc.
•Select 14, 30, or 60-day cancellation policy for the
Marriott platform
•Select 90-day policy for all your properties. This policy should only be used for ultra-luxury properties
• If available, activate the “inquiry button and instant book” option (via “bookingSetting” on Listing endpoint). Guests want to be able to ask questions about a home and we want the experts to be able to reply directly to the guest when a question arises
•Activate/distribute homes with ONLY the inquiry button activated. HVMI does not often work with ‘Inquiry Only’ homes as the platform is designed to have homes as ‘Instant Book’

Property onboarding checklist

  • Unique Homes & Villas title that meets all product listing guidance requirements
    • All units within a multi-rep listing must be identical. If unit offerings are different from one another, then a separate listing must to be created for each unique unit.
  • Product description updated to remove any reference to management company name, non-HMVI cancellation policies, etc. 
    • For multi-rep listing, description must accurately match all units.
  • Images do not have watermarks or reference to management company name. For multi-rep listing, all images must accurately reflect all units
  • Bedding by room including sleeper sofa options. For multi-rep listings, number of beds and bed type must be identical
  • House Rules
  • Inquiry Button activated
  • Cancellation Policy selected
  • Home has 5+ amenities checked and 6+ photos that meet the minimum resolution requirement (800 x 500)
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