How can I add amenities to an Airbnb listing that doesn't appear in Guesty?

If you want to add amenities to your Airbnb listing that don't appear in Guesty, you'll need to update your sync settings to "Limited" in Guesty.
You'll then be able to select the amenities that aren't available in Guesty yet.

Step by step:

  1. To add amenities via Airbnb, you must first make sure your sync settings are set to "Limited" in Guesty.
    If the listing's current sync settings in Guesty are set to "Everything", you'll need to contact us to change it to "Limited".
  2. Make the necessary changes on Airbnb.
  3. If needed, contact us to change your sync settings back to "Everything".
    Please note that if you update your listing's amenities on Guesty after performing this process, the update in Guesty will override the changes made in Airbnb, and you'll need to repeat the process again.


Please note, Airbnb has deprecated the option to change your sync settings on their platform.

  • All new listings will automatically be set to "Sync everything"
  • Your current sync settings will remain the same (either "Limited" or "Sync everything")
    If you'd like to change your listing's sync settings, please contact us.
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