How Can I Add Amenities to an Airbnb Listing That Do Not Appear in Guesty?

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If you want to add amenities to your Airbnb listing that do not appear in Guesty, you can update your sync settings directly in Airbnb to "Sync Only Pricing and Availability". You may then select the amenities that are not yet available in Guesty. 

To ensure that the new updates in Airbnb will override the details shown in Guesty, make sure to leave the listing on "Limited Sync" or "Sync Only Pricing and Availability" for at least 24 hours. Double check that everything is correct on Airbnb after changing back to "Sync Everything".

Please note that if you update your listing's amenities on Guesty after performing this process in Airbnb, the update in Guesty will override the changes made in Airbnb and you will need to repeat the process again.
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