How do payments with virtual credit cards work in Guesty?

Virtual Credit Cards (VCCs) are a form of payment that adds an extra layer of security for a guest. In this case, the guest pays the booking channel when they make the reservation, and then the booking channel will send you the payment via a virtual credit card, instead of the guest's credit card details.

The following booking channels currently support VCC payment with Guesty:

  • Agoda
  • Expedia
  • Hopper

Below we'll explain more about the VCC process and how to manage these payments.


How it works

Virtual credit cards (VCCs) are provided by the booking channels with the full amount of the reservation. Each VCC has an activation and expiration date, and the card can only be charged between these dates.

  • You can collect VCC payments on Guesty via Auto Payment rules (recommended) or manually
    • Processing payments via Auto Payment rules
      If you have Auto Payment rules set up, VCC payments will be charged the full amount all at once. This means that Guesty ignores Auto Payment rules that are set up for that listing, and creates one payment for the full amount to be charged on the activation date (which is usually on or around the check-in date).
    • Processing payments manually in Guesty
      If you don't set up Auto Payment rules, you'll need to get the VCC number from the booking channel in order to manually charge the card in Guesty. Please contact the relevant booking channel for more information.


      We recommend setting up Auto Payments for Expedia and Hopper reservations, otherwise you'll need to manually charge each reservation's virtual credit card.

  • The VCC details will appear on the reservation page similarly to any other credit card
    You can view the last 4-digits and the expiration date of the card.

    Credit card

    Virtual credit card

  • VCCs are activated by the booking channel close to the reservation’s check-in date
    The specific time varies per channel, and is subject to change. Please contact the relevant booking channel for more information.
  • Automatic payments for VCC on Guesty will usually be within 24 hours of check-in
    If you have Auto Payment rules set up in Guesty, the VCC will be automatically charged either on the check-in date or the day after check-in.
  • For refunds, please contact the relevant booking channel



  • Manually charging before the activation date will result in a failed payment
  • Charging the VCC after it expires will result in a failed payment
    Each booking channel has different dates for the expiration date, and you may have to contact the booking channel directly to view the VCC details.
  • Charging an amount that’s more than the amount on VCC will result in a failed payment or an invalid card error
  • If you charge the VCC and the card is “invalid”, you can try again
    If you’re still having issues, please contact the specific booking channel to resolve this issue.


Processing payments per booking channel

Guesty supports virtual credit cards issued by some booking channels.
Below are the specific use cases for each supported booking channel.



For Agoda reservations, you’ll need to charge your guest’s VCC manually once the card is activated (usually around the date of check-in). Guesty currently doesn’t support collecting payments automatically upon the activation date of the VCC.


The credit card number will be present on the reservation’s page in Guesty. We recommend that you check the reservation within a few days before the check-in date, and ensure to collect the payment accordingly.

For reservations, you’ll need to charge your guest’s VCC manually once the card is activated (usually around the date of check-in). Guesty currently doesn’t support collecting payments automatically upon the activation date of the VCC.

To view the reservation's VCC details, visit the Extranet.
Learn more about how collects and processes payments from VCCs.

Additional fees will collect additional fees if you are using one of's payment solutions.
Make sure that your additional fees are set up prior to the reservation’s confirmation (and are included in the total price), so that the VCC’s total payment wil include the fees in the reservation price.
If you need to add additional fees after a reservatio has been confirmed, you’ll need to collect payment from the guest directly.

If you are managing payments in Guesty, you'll need to add and manage additional fees in Guesty.
Keep in mind, you might see discrepancies with payment if you didn't manually add additional fees in the Extranet.

In both cases, adding/changing additional fees on one platform won't be synced to the other.
Learn more about which data syncs between and Guesty.



You can collect payment either via Expedia or Guesty.

Once the guest creates the reservation, the payout will be calculated in Expedia. The EVC (Expedia Virtual Card) will be pre-loaded with the final price, and will also be sent to Guesty.

If you're collecting payment on Expedia, there's no need to take any action regarding the Auto Payment rules that are set in Guesty.
The only limitation is that the earliest you can charge the EVC is "after check-in" — meaning if you attempt to charge the virtual credit card at confirmation or before check-in, the payment will fail.

As soon as the virtual card is charged — regardless of an automatic charge (via Auto Payment) or charged manually — you'll see the reflected processed payment in Guesty.


If you are manually collecting payment, we recommend you save the virtual credit card details, and manually charge one day after the check-in date.
Learn more about charging an EVC with Expedia’s Help Center article.


Modified bookings

In most cases, the EVC number will remain the same for modified bookings. Card parameters might be adjusted to reflect the new booking rate and check-in/checkout dates. In rare cases, the EVC number may be changed in modified bookings.

If the reservation has been altered at any time, the recalculated/updated price won't sync to Guesty. In order to match the financial data between the two platforms, you'll need to update the financials on Guesty before proceeding to charge the EVC.


Learn more about how Expedia reservation payments are collected.



For Hopper reservations, you can collect payments automatically or charge your guest’s VCC manually.

If you'd like payments to be collected automatically, make sure that you have Auto Payment rules set up, so that the VCC can be processed and display the payment in Guesty.

Keep in mind that the amount on the VCC won't include any deposits or additional fees. This means you'll be responsible for collecting security deposit fees, any other deposits, and/or additional fees directly from the guest.

If you don’t have Auto Payments set up, you’ll need to contact Hopper directly to obtain the relevant VCC details.

Hopper's Support Team contact information

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