Pilot: Managing payment methods for returning guests

Returning guests are our most valued customers. 

Marking returning guests in Guesty

A reservation is recognized as a "returning guest" if the guest's name and contact details, i.e. phone number and email address, match a previous reservation in Guesty. The new reservation will be marked by a star that reads "Returning guest" in the Guest section of the reservation page, under "Name".

Securing your payment information

As Guesty adheres to industry standards for handling and securing payment information, we require our guests to explicitly consent before storing their payment information for future use. 

Consenting for a credit card re-use 

Guests who add a payment method through a direct booking, and wish to re-use their credit card for their next reservation, have to mark the consent checkbox. 



Credit card information flows into the Guesty system via multiple sources.

  • Consent (or non-consent) to re-use guests' credit cards for future reservations can only be marked through direct booking, on invoices, quotes or by using API.
  • Sending consent (or non-consent) to re-use guests' credit cards over booking channels is currently not supported.
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