Which Airbnb bed types are supported in Guesty?

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Airbnb offers different bed types to describe a listing's bed arrangement. Below are the different Airbnb bed types that are either supported or not supported on Guesty.

Learn more about adding a "Bedroom" or "Shared Space" to a listing here.


  1. Importing or publishing a listing will fail if unsupported bed types are set on Airbnb.
  2. We recommend editing your listing's bed types in Guesty, since any changes made directly in Airbnb could be overwritten by Guesty. 
  3. If the Listing sync is set to Limited sync (Only Sync Pricing & Availability) and you are trying to push changes from Guesty to Airbnb, these changes won’t be synced.
    In order to push the changes, change the sync setting to "Sync Everything".

Supported bed types

  • Air Mattress
  • Bunk Bed
    This currently counts as one bed type, not two.
  • Crib
  • Double Bed
  • Floor Mattress
  • King Bed
  • Super King Bed
    You may contact us to update your bed type to Super King, but please note that Super King beds are only supported on airbnb.co.uk.
  • Queen Bed
  • Single Bed
  • Sofa Bed
  • Toddler Bed
  • Water Bed

Not supported bed types

If the bed types listed below are set on Airbnb, they will be overridden when the bed arrangement is updated in Guesty: 

  • Couch
  • Hammock
  • Small double bed
  • Futon
  • California King Bed
  • Trundle Bed
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