How are guest payments collected for Expedia reservations?

Expedia has three business models for collecting payment from the guest:
  • Expedia collect
  • Hotel collect
  • Expedia traveler preference, which combines the two models above
Information about these models can be seen on the Expedia group documentation.
The business models are supported by Guesty, as follows:
  • Expedia collect: Payment is collected through an Expedia Virtual Card (EVC) that is provided to Guesty with a pre-loaded amount. A new EVC is assigned to each reservation and deactivated six months after check-out.
    • If you have set up auto payments for the listing, the rules will be overridden and the payment will be collected at check-out when the EVC becomes available.
  • Hotel collect: You are responsible for collecting the payment manually and recording it. This method is also known as "Pay Later" and is sometimes referred to as "HC," "Agency," or "Property Collect," depending on the context. This business model allows travelers to book same-day and next-day reservations on Expedia sites without a credit card and gives them the ability to add a credit card after the reservation is made.
    • If your setup with Expedia is Hotel Collect and the listing has defined auto payment rules, the reservation will be charged according to the auto payment rules.
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