How additional fees are calculated in Airbnb

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The Additional Fees include the Community Fee, Linen Fee, Management Fee, Pet fee, and Resort Fee.

In order for your Additional Fees to sync between Airbnb and Guesty, you must choose to either set the calculation rate as a fixed fee (Per stay) or a percentage fee (of entire reservation payout) when you create the new fee.

Per stay ($)
Fixed fee
Of entire reservation payout (%)
For percentage fee

Learn more about Additional Fees and Pet Fees here.

Unsupported combinations for fee calculations

If you pick any other combination for the calculation rate, the Additional Fees won’t sync.

For example: If you choose the percentage fee (%) and then choose “Accommodation Fare only”, the fee won’t sync, and you’ll receive the message: “Channel only supports Per stay for fixed type and Payout for percentage type”.


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