Can I publish listings to Non-LEID account?

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You can only publish listings from Guesty to if your account has a legal entity ID (LEID), as explained in this article.

In the past, you could publish listings to a account with no LEID. This is no longer supported. If you have listings that are connected to Non-LEID account, we recommend you do one of the following :
    1. Contact support, and ask to relocate any published listings from your non-LEID account to a relevant LEID account. Afterward, contact us to relocate the listings to the correct LEID account.
    2. Establish LEID for your account. Afterward, contact us to connect the published listings to your now LEID account.
Please provide us with the following details when contacting us: 
  • The LEID account you wish to move the listings to.

  • The IDs of the listings you want to associate with the LEID account. Follow these instructions to locate the listing ID.


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