How do monthly reservations work with Airbnb?

Longer stays can provide a steady stream of income and less turnover, so you can sit back and relax while your listing is being put to good use for a while. Use monthly discounts to encourage guests to book a longer stay. Discounts are updated in Airbnb and are applied to 28-night stays. Please note that the payment structure for longer reservations differs from that of shorter reservations. For reservations of 28 nights or more, payment is sent in installments. See the information below on how payment is collected for monthly reservations.

Initial payout

The guest is charged for the first 30 nights of their stay when they book, and payment is released to you 24 hours after their scheduled check-in.

Additional payouts

Payment will be collected and released to you each month after check-in for the rest of the guest's reservation. For example, if a guest's reservation is 45 nights, the first 30 nights will be paid to you after check-in, and the remaining 15 nights will be paid 1 month after the guest checks in.
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