Payment options for Guesty Booking Engine (Booking Website for Lite users)

You can process your guest payments, received via the Booking Engine (Booking Website for Lite uses), either via Guesty or outside of Guesty. Learn more below.

Processing payments via Guesty

To collect your guests' payments through Guesty, you will need to connect a payment processor. This option will allow you to approve guests' reservations instantly ("Instant"). 

Pro users: For payment collection, you can set Auto Payments. or collect your payment manually for each reservation.

Lite users: You need to collect the payment manually.

Processing payments outside of Guesty

You can collect your guests' payments outside of Guesty (such as via a bank transfer, cash payment, etc.). You will need to collect the payments manually, send your guests instructions, and track each payment. If choosing this option, we recommend you record the payments as paid outside of Guesty, marking paid reservations as "paid manually" in the reservation page financial section. Otherwise, reservations will remain "unpaid" on any reports you may create.

If you manage payments outside of Guesty, you won't be able to use instant confirmation for guests' reservations ("Instant"). Instead, reservations will be pending your approval first ("Request to Book"). Also, Auto Payments cannot be used.

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