Updating a listing's description fields

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To give your guests more information about your listing, what it has to offer, and what's nearby that could interest them, you can update the listing's description fields in Guesty, such as "the neighborhood" or "the space".

Please note the important limitations associated with specific booking channels. Follow the instructions below to update a listing's description fields.

You can change your listing's title or update your listing's house rules.


Setting your listing's description fields

Step by step:

  1. Sign in to your Guesty account.
  2. In the top navigation bar, click the icon drop-down menu and select Operations mode.
  3. Click Properties.
  4. Click the relevant listing.
  5. In the menu to the left, click Marketing.
  6. Scroll down to the "Public Descriptions" section.
  7. Update the relevant fields. 
  8. Click outside the field to save the changes.


Booking Channel Limitations

  • Airbnb
    Learn more about syncing Airbnb listing's title & content.
  • TripAdvisor
    TripAdvisor receives the "Summary" and "Space" description fields combined together as one field. As such, the fields share the character count and must be between 300-5,000 characters long. Failure to meet this requirement can cause the listing to become unlisted from TripAdvisor.
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