What is the difference between instant booking and inquiries in the Booking Engine API?

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When you create or edit a Booking Engine API, you choose between two booking options:
  • Only inquiries: Guests can place a booking request for available dates. Once approved, their credit card details should be obtained and entered manually. This option is helpful when taking payment on location or if you want to pre-approve existing guests without a credit card.
  • Only instant booking: Guests can book available dates according to the availability of the listing. Once the guest's credit card is validated the dates are booked.
You will be notified via email when a reservation is made or when an inquiry is sent to you. You will also receive a message in the Guesty Inbox if the reservation or inquiry includes a message from the guest. You can also configure your Guesty dashboard notifications to alert you of reservations and/or inquiries made through a Booking Engine API instance.
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