Choosing "Only inquiries" or "Only instant booking" for reservations received via the Booking Engine API

When you create a Booking Engine API, you choose between these booking options:

Only inquiries (requests to book)

When a guest makes a booking, a "Reserved" reservation is created, which you'll need to either confirm or close. If you approve the booking request, you need to obtain and manually charge the guest's credit card, as guests are not required to provide their payment details for booking requests. 

Choosing this policy is helpful when taking payment "on location", or if you want to pre-approve your guests.

Only instant booking

In this option, a guest can directly book a reservation for a listing. The guest will need to provide their credit card details while they book. If the listing is available for the selected dates, the status of the reservation will be set to "Confirmed" immediately.


The Booking engine API can generate both instant bookings and inquiries,
The choice can be left up to the guest or hard-coded into the booking engine by booking with or without a credit card token.

You will be notified via email when an instant reservation is made or when a request to book (inquiry) is sent to you. You will also receive a message in the Guesty Inbox if the reservation or request to book includes a message from the guest. You can also configure your Guesty dashboard notifications to alert you of reservations and/or requests to book made through a Booking Engine API instance.
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