Why did I receive an Airbnb reservation as a request to book?

When you connect a listing between Guesty and Airbnb, an instant booking policy automatically applies to it. Guest reservations will automatically be confirmed, as long as the following conditions are met:

  • The listing is available to book on the requested dates.
  • The guest has added their payment details to the reservation.
  • You have a payment processor connected to Guesty.

However, in some cases, a reservation will be received as a request to book, regardless of your listing settings. The reservation’s status will be "Reserved" (and not “Confirmed”), the requested dates will be blocked in the calendar, and you will have 24 hours to confirm or decline the reservation before it expires. A request to book will be received if a reservation doesn’t meet the listing’s configurations. For example:

Airbnb will also send reservations as requests to book in the following cases:

  • A guest creates a reservation within 48 hours of the check-in date. In this case, Airbnb will allow them to select a custom check-in time, which may be outside of your defined check-in window. If this happens, the reservation will come in as a request to book.
  • You have a “Strict” cancellation policy, and a guest from South Korea books a reservation. South Korean guests are entitled to cancel their reservation at any time and receive up to a 50% refund, except for listings located in Italy. Thus, Airbnb will automatically send their reservation as a request to book.
  • Airbnb flags the booking as high-risk for a party (in compliance with Airbnb's Party and Events Policy).

Lastly, if a current or previous guest requests a new reservation through an existing conversation, a request to book will be sent, even if you have set instant booking.


When a guest clicks "Contact host" in the Airbnb platform, a reservation with an "Inquiry" status will be created. You can change its status to confirmed or closed. Inquiries don't block the Guesty calendar. 

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