Airbnb: An Instant Booking Listing got a Request to Book/Inquiry

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Once a listing is set to Instant Booking, guests will be able to book reservations at that listing with no approval needed.

See our troubleshooting below if you receive a Request to Book or Inquiry instead:  
  • If a guest clicks "Contact host" in Airbnb, an inquiry will be created.
  • If a guest does not meet Airbnb's standard requirements for Instant Book, such as having previous reviews, a Request to Book will be created.
  • If you set Advance Notice on an Instant Booking listing to Same day (customize cutoff hours).
  • If the guest does not meet other requirements set by the host for Instant Book, such as having a certain number of previous reviews.
  • If there are certain restrictions on an Instant Booking listing that the guest cannot meet. For example, the listing is not marked as Suitable for children (2-12 years), but the guest indicates that the booking party includes children.


When a current or previous guest is requesting a new reservation through an existing conversation, a Request to Book will be sent, even if you have set Instant Booking.

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