Changing an Airbnb listing's booking settings

You can set your Airbnb listing's booking settings to either instant booking or non-instant booking (request to book) via Guesty. Changing your booking settings can help you block and manage your listing's calender and incoming reservations more easily.

Instant booking vs. request to book

Instant booking

With this option, guests who meet all your requirements can book instantly and automatically receive their reservation confirmation — meaning approval isn't required from the host before the reservation is confirmed.
When a guest creates a reservation, the calendar will be automatically blocked.
If needed, you also have the ability to cancel the reservation via Airbnb without penalty.


You can set certain requirements that guests must meet in order to make reservations at the listing.

Request to book

With this option, guests must send a reservation request, and get approval from the host before receiving their reservation confirmation.


Choosing "Request to book" can increase manual work and reduce the number of reservations.


Changing your listing's booking settings

Follow the instructions below to change an Airbnb listing's booking settings.

Pro users Lite users

ֿStep by step:

  1. Sign in to your Guesty account.
  2. In the top navigation bar, click the mode selector and select Growth mode.
  3. Click Distribution.
  4. Click Connected listings, located under the Airbnb thumbnail.
  5. Click the relevant listing.
  6. In the listing's menu, click Pricing & Policies.
  7. Select Reservation policies from the drop-down.
  8. On the right-hand side, scroll down to the "Additional rules" section.
  9. Click Edit.
  10. Select the relevant booking settings.
  11. Click Save.
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