Taxes and fees on Airbnb reservations in Guesty invoices

Basic and additional fees

  • The Guesty invoice will display the fee type as it was booked in Airbnb, including any internal names
  • The only fee Airbnb doesn't sync is the "Security deposit fee"
    You will need to manually add the security deposit as an additional fee in order to see it on the Guesty invoice.



Taxes are set in Airbnb, not via Guesty. The only taxes that can be displayed in Guesty are remitted taxes. If you would like to display Airbnb remitted taxes for reservations, follow these steps.

Check the gross earnings reports in your Airbnb account to make sure pass-through taxes were accurately collected. Contact us if there are any discrepancies.

Learn more about taxes from Airbnb's Help Center:
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