Is there a character limitation for SMS?

When sending an SMS to a guest from the Guesty Inbox via both regular and Automated Messages, please note the following limitations:
  • For English, the limitation is 306 characters per SMS.
  • When Unicode is added, the limitation changes to 134 characters per SMS, due to general SMS restrictions. This limitation may also be triggered by pasting text from another source, since Unicode may be added to a copied version, without you knowing. To avoid this, be sure to rewrite the text, rather than paste it.
    • Unicode is any character that is not found in the GSM-7 character set, which includes the following:
      • All Latin characters A-Z
      • Digits 0-9
      • A few more special characters, such as Curly brackets, Backslash, Tilde, and Euro sign.
  • For Non-English, which is considered Unicode, the limitation is 134 characters per SMS.
SMS messaging should be used solely for short and concise instructions. If an SMS exceeds the character limitation, the error message "SMS is too long. Only part of the message was sent" will appear. The message will be split into two and only the first part will be sent. 


When using variables in SMS messages, the text inserted instead of the variable might cause the message to exceed the character limitation. 

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