Airbnb: Overview

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You can connect multiple Airbnb accounts to Guesty and manage all accounts from one place. See the information below.

Connect an Airbnb Account to Guesty


Since Airbnb Standard connection has been discontinued, your Airbnb login details are no longer stored in Guesty. 


Learn how to send emails to Airbnb once the account is connected to Guesty.

Connect Listings with Airbnb

Manage Listings


Listing information, such as descriptions and amenities, is synced with If you see discrepancies on their global sites, such as, contact Airbnb directly. 

Manage Reservations


Airbnb is currently rolling out changes to the way service fees are charged on listings in certain countries.

Guesty is not responsible for the Customer’s compliance with any requirements under any laws (including local laws) or regulation regarding the Customer’s use of the Guesty Platform, and to the management and rent of Properties or accommodating guests.
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