Guesty Websites: Going live, publishing, and setting up your domain

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Your Guesty Website's domain is like your street address; it lets other people find you. Setting up your Guesty Website's domain is very important as it allows people to visit your sites. While our site builder does not host your domains, you can purchase a domain and connect it to your published site, as described below.


Use a custom domain to help guests recognize your brand, improve your SEO, and gain credibility. You can add a new custom domain or connect a domain you already own

Going live

Taking your Guesty Website live requires publishing your Guesty Website and setting up your domain in Guesty Websites and in your domain host. Follow the steps below:

Choosing between Guesty's Basic Website or Advanced Website:

See our plans here.


If you encounter an SSL certificate/ secure-connection error, please refer here.

Publishing a Guesty Website

For your Guesty Website to show up on any domain, you first need to publish it. Follow this step:

  • In your Guesty Website Editor, on the top-right, click Publish. If your site was previously published, click Republish. On the following page, read the terms and conditions, and press the checkbox to agree.

Setting up a domain in Guesty Websites

After a website is published, you are prompted to select from one of the options described below:


You can change your site's domain, remove it from Guesty Websites, or delete it at any time.

Selecting our default domain

  • Select Guesty's free default domain.
  • This is a domain hosted by Guesty Websites. For better SEO results, it is recommended to use your own domain/ create a new domain (see below).
  • The URL will be a subdomain of Guesty Websites with your custom naming (

Using your own domain 

  • Connect your own domain for your Guesty Basic Website or to your Guesty Advanced Website
  • You may use a domain that you already own from the domain host you purchased it from.
  • Ensure you add "www." to the URL.
  • If you choose to use your own domain, After clicking Set up your Domain in your Domain Host, Guesty Websites will search for your domain host provider, and prompt you to log in with your provider (for example, GoDaddy).
  • If you encountered an error or are asked to make a manual setup, you will be referred to make a manual setting at your domain host provider. If so, refer to our setup instructions under Guesty Basic Website or Guesty Advanced Website manuals.

Creating a new domain

  • Purchase a new domain for your Guesty Basic Website, or Create a new domain for your Guesty Advanced Website
  • In both cases, you will be able to choose a new domain from Google Domains or Hover. When you type a domain into the domain field, a menu appears with available suggestions. These suggested domains are already set up to work with Guesty Websites.
  • In case you decide to remove your site from Guesty Websites or to delete it, please note it is not optional to migrate the domain you created out of Guesty Websites.
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