Changing Your Guesty Integration Email Address

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A Guesty integration email address is required to enable the flow of communication between a booking channel's messaging platform and Guesty. It is what guests see in the sender/"from" field when you email them. Follow the instructions below to change your Guesty integration email address based on the booking channel you use.

Changing the Prefix

You can change your Guesty integration email address by simply changing the prefix before "". Please keep in mind that the email address should be unique; if you select an already existing email address, Guesty's support team will notify you and you will be able to select a new email address. Contact us to change the prefix.

Choosing a New Domain

Step by Step:

  1. Choose your new domain.
    1. You can buy a domain or create a subdomain under an existing (root) domain that is not already being used for email services. 
    2. Create email addresses.
      1. If you want to create a subdomain and your root domain is "", the subdomain should be "", and the emails will then be "", "", and "". 
        1. Please note that if you use a root domain, Guesty will have full control of email traffic and will intercept root domain emails.
  2. Contact us with the domain or subdomain you wish to use as your new integration email address. We will ask you for some additional information required to begin the process.
  3. Once the new domain is ready, we will send you a PDF with instructions for you to follow, such as filling in the routing information on your DNS provider's site. This process includes verifying 3 main components:
    • The ability to send emails.
    • The ability to receive emails.
    • The ability to track who opened and clicked your emails.
  4. Contact us once step 3 is completed.

Changing Your Email by Booking Channel

Once your email is changed in Guesty, the next step is to change it in your booking channel. Read below to see the instructions by channel.


Update your email within Airbnb by replacing the original email address with your "" email address. Follow the directions found here. requires you to change your email on every listing in the extranet. If you have many listings and require a bulk update, please contact support.

Rentals United

The email will need to be changed on every listing on the extranet. Please note that the login email will stay the same.


The email will need to be changed in the account settings in the Vrbo dashboard. Follow the directions found here.


Expedia does not support white-labeling of custom domains yet. As a workaround, you can change the prefix before ""


The email will need to be changed in the account settings in Agoda.


The email will need to be changed in the account settings in TripAdvisor.


If a guest responds to your old integration email from their private email address, their message will not be received in the Guesty Inbox. To prevent this, after your integration email has been changed, send a message from the Inbox to all guests that communicate with you from their private email address. Their responses will be received in the Inbox.

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