Special offers for reservations on Airbnb

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When a guest sends you a reservation inquiry, you can encourage them to complete their booking using either a pre-approved or a customized special offer.

Keep in mind, you can only set up your special offer via Airbnb.


When sending special offers for multiple guests for the same dates, whoever accepts the offer first will have their booking confirmed.


Pre-approvals vs. special offers

Much like pre-approvals, special offers can be used to invite the inquirer to complete their reservation.

Pre-approvals Special offers

Pre-approvals can only be sent for:

  • The selected dates
  • Number of guests
  • Price as indicated on the inquiry

Special offers can only be set for:

  • A custom price
  • Different dates
  • An offer for the guest to book at another of your listings


How Airbnb special offers work

Here are a few guidelines about Airbnb's special offers:

  • Basic and additional fees won't apply to reservations that are booked with a special offer on Airbnb — meaning special offers override pricing rules.


    If you'd like to include basic and additional fees in the final price, make sure to include the price for them in your special offer's total price.
  • The listing's availability rules (such as length of stay restrictions) will apply to special offers.

  • Alterations for reservations made with special offers will be priced as rebooking.

  • Guests will have 24 hours to accept a special offer. 
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