What data is synced between Guesty and Rentals United?

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Once you have connected your Rentals United account to Guesty and published listings, see the information below about how data is synced when updates are made to your listings or reservations.

Please note that the password for your Rentals United account must match on both Rentals United and Guesty in order for the following data to sync. See more information here
Is data synced?
Availability/Restrictions on Availability
Data is synced
Nightly Rates
Data is synced
Static Data (Such as listing titles and descriptions)
Data is synced
Data is synced
Data is synced
Cleaning Fee
Data is synced
Data is synced for the following taxes:
• Local tax
• Tourist tax
• Goods and services tax
• City tax
Extra Person Fee
Data is synced
Additional Fees
Data is not synced
Cancellation Policy
Data is not synced;
cancellation policy should be
updated on Rentals United
Security Deposit
Data is not synced
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