Collecting a payment for a reservation

You can collect your reservation payments though Guesty, or use one of payment solutions. If you collect guest payments through Guesty, you can use a payment processor, either Guesty’s or an external processor supported by Guesty. 

Deciding how to collect the payment, determines the "Merchant of Records" - the function which processes payments and taxes, ensures compliance, and issues refunds and chargebacks.

In both options, the reservation's total amount and payment breakdown in Guesty are based on, and payment records should be used as your source of truth.

Learn about your different payment collecting and processing options below.

Charge your guests through Guesty

We recommend you use a payment processor supported by Guesty for your revenue management.


Guesty Lite users can only use Stripe as a payment processor.

If you are using a Guesty-supported payment processor, credit card transactions in Guesty will be processed through your connected payment processor. The accommodation fare, cleaning fee, and taxes will be collected by Guesty. Also, any price adjustments to the reservation invoice (such as making an accommodation fare adjustment, or adding additional fees to a reservation by default), will be collected from the guest's credit card.

If you’re not using one of Guesty’s supported payment processors, you need to collect your guests' credit card details from the Extranet and charge your guests independently. See how to find your guest's credit card details on the Extranet.

Charge your guests through offers two payment services: Payments by (bank transfer) and online payments (VCC). Both options are subject to approval. Check your eligibility and sign up via your Extranet’s finance page. Note that charges a commission for both services.

When choosing to charge your guests, reservation payments, including security deposits and authorization holds, won't be collected or synced to Guesty, and the guest's credit card details will not be imported into Guesty. We recommend you record your payments manually in Guesty. Otherwise, reservations will remain unpaid in your reservations reports.

Any payment adjustments you set in Guesty won't apply to, including additional fees, added by default. However, additional fees set in Guesty will appear in Guesty's reservation invoice, despite not being collected by Set your additional fees in the Extranet to be collected.

Learn more about the two methods below.

Payments by (Bank transfer)

This payment method is also referred to as "Channel collect". will charge your guest’s credit card, and the accommodation fare, cleaning fee, and taxes will be collected by as well. You can add additional fees to your reservations via the Extranet.

You will be paid by a bank transfer once a month, with the channel's commission already deducted for each reservation (the processing fee is 1.1% - 3.1% of the total payout). Reservations will be received on Guesty once they're paid ("pre-paid" reservations). If you notice a discrepancy between the Guesty invoice and's, it is most likely due to the processing fee. 

Auto Payment rules in Guesty won't apply to this method. 

Online payments (VCC)

For this method, will provide you with a virtual credit card. You can view the VCC details on the Extranet.  When a guest makes a reservation and pays for it online, will send you a VCC with the reservation details, and you can charge it with the exact amount of the reservation price. See's terms and conditions. You can also use Guesty's Auto Payment rules to charge the VCC. will collect the accommodation fare, cleaning fee, and taxes. If you need to collect additional fees from the guest after charging the VCC, obtain the guest's personal credit card details since the VCC will be empty.

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