Auto Messages allow you to create and automate the sending of messages that you use repeatedly.
You can create and send all types of Auto Messages, like check-in instructions to guests, reservation confirmations to owners, and much more.

Below are some of our Auto Message best practices to help maximize your work efficiency and communication with guests, team members, and property owners.

  1. Create at least 6 workflows/message automations (with relevant Auto Messages) for an efficient workflow, including payment-related Auto-Messages.
    Learn more with our best practices for Workflows.

    We recommend the following setup:
    • 4 Workflows/Auto Messages for when a confirmed reservation is triggered
      We recommend including separate Workflows or Auto Messages for reservation confirmation, payment reminders for your guests and staff/collecting payment through the booking channel, and a message for either a short notice (last minute reservation) or a longer notice stay.
    • 1 Workflow/Auto Messages for when a reservation is altered
      For example, an internal message to update yourself or the property manager to reach out to a guest or your cleaning crew about the confirmed changes.
    • 1 Workflow/Auto Message for canceled reservations
      For example, an internal message for staff on what to do when the reservation is canceled, a message to the property owner (if needed), etc.
  2. Create and utilize customizations (like sending conditions, variables, and more) for your Auto Messages.
    Learn more with our best practices and guidelines for attachments, conditions, custom fields, and variables.

    • Reduce manual work when updating Auto Messages or adding new listings
      Pro users: If your account contains groups of listings with the same information (e.g. rooms in apartment buildings, etc.) you can set your automated messages to be sent based on the listing’s details (such as city or tags).
      New listings added to Guesty that belong to that group will automatically be applied.
    • Populate your messages automatically with variables and Custom Fields
       Custom Fields are currently supported for Pro users only.
    • Utilize sending conditions for specific use cases (e.g. longer stays, late check-in times, etc.)

  3. Create messages for guests based on the reservation cycle: Before, during, and after their stay.
    Learn more about which messages guests should receive before, during, and after their stay.

    We recommend to include Auto Messages for the following scenarios:

  4. Set up Auto Messages and conditions based on a reservation’s payment status.
    This ensures that you, your team, and your guests are all in sync about payment.
    For example, schedule a message to be sent an hour after confirmation to remind the guest that payment is required before their booking will be canceled.

    Learn more with payment-related Auto Messages.
  5. Add automation rules to send out Rental Agreements to your guests.
    This way you can simplify sending out rental agreements to your guests directly after they confirm their reservation.
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