Creating or Editing a Rate Plan: Explained

The information in this article is relevant only for Pro users at this time.

This article is relevant if you're creating or editing a rate plan in Guesty, and accompanies our step-by-step instructions.

When creating or editing a rate plan in Guesty, choose the settings that you would like to apply to the rate plan, such as the cancellation policy, meals, and how the pricing on the listings' calendars should be adjusted. See the information below.


The fixed currency for Guesty Rate Plans is USD, regardless of the currency configured to your account or individual listing.

Name and Description

Give your rate plan a unique name and a description. This information is viewable only within Guesty and is not synced with the booking channels.

Booking Channel Sync

Rate plans currently sync with, Expedia, and Support for additional booking channels will be added in the future.

Cancellation Policy

Choose the rate plan's cancellation policy from the list. For some policies, you will be prompted to select a cancellation fee from the drop-down. 
For example, choosing a "Moderate" cancellation policy with a 50% cancellation fee allows guests to cancel up to seven days prior to arrival. However, they will be charged 50% of the reservation's price. The reservation cannot be canceled within seven days prior to arrival.

Note: allows up to six different cancellation policies per Hotel ID.


If relevant, choose which meals are included in the price of the reservation. Alternatively, offer meals for an additional charge when the guests check-in.

Base Price Adjustment

Choose whether you’d like to increase or decrease the prices on the listings' calendars by a certain amount or percentage. For example, decrease the calendar's price by 10% when offering a Super Strict cancellation policy, or increase the price by $15 when breakfast is included.


This is calculated on a listing’s standard rate, which is the price displayed on each listing’s calendar.


If relevant, choose the rate plan's availability settings by selecting each of the checkboxes. If availability settings are not selected, each listing's standard rate plan settings will automatically be used instead. See the options below.

Availability for check-in periods

Choose the reservation check-in period for the rate plan. You have the option to select No limit or Date Range. In Date Range, you can choose a date range and specific days of the week in which the check-in period for the rate plan will apply.

It is important to note that a reservation's dates must fall within the date range set in "Availablity for check-in periods" for the rate plan to apply. For example, let's say you set the date range in "Availablity for check-in periods" for August 1-5. A reservation made for August 3-6 would not apply because the reservation's end date falls outside of the August 1-5 timeframe.

Advance notice for check-in

Enter the number of days before check-in that guests can use the rate plan.

Booking window

Choose how far into the future guests can make reservations under the rate plan. For example, you can allow guests to make a reservation using this rate plan for the next six months.

Minimum Nights

If relevant, select the checkbox and enter the number of minimum nights that would be required to make a reservation under this rate plan. If the checkbox is not selected, the number of minimum nights from each listing's standard rate plan will be used. This is useful when creating a rate plan for specific scenarios, such as offering longer-term stays, or when choosing a highly flexible cancellation policy that would require a certain number of minimum nights to qualify.


The chosen number of minimum nights will apply to dates in the next two years. This is on a rolling basis.

Maximum Nights

Enter the maximum number of nights that are allowed to make a reservation with this rate plan. Learn more here.


Rate plans will not be applied to dates that are already blocked, such as those that have been blocked manually or dates with existing reservations.


Any default availability settings that you have configured on your listings are taken into consideration. For example, if you have set a listing's default advance notice settings as two days, the Rate Plan's advance notice settings will only apply if it is set as two days or more.

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