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Guesty's Revenue Management contains several features to help you maximum revenue. See the information below.

Rate strategy

Apply custom rate strategies to your listings and Guesty will automatically adjust your prices and minimum night rules in bulk, helping you maximize both occupancy and revenue. Learn more or watch the video below.



Guesty PriceOptimizer

PriceOptimizer is a data-driven, machine-learning tool that gives you recommendations for your listings' nightly rates based on different time period intervals. Learn more.

Rate plans

Encourage more bookings by offering additional pricing options for guests, from standard rates to rates that include additional perks or allow more flexible cancellation policies. Learn more.


Increase occupancy with attractive short-term promotions that appear on the booking platform and indicate to guests how much they’ll save when they book your listing. Learn more.


Promotions are currently available for Airbnb,, and Expedia listings as well as direct bookings.


Create and edit discount coupons for manual reservations and reservations made through your website with Guesty Booking Engine and the Booking Engine API. Learn more or watch our video.


Learn more in our Revenue Management Guesty webinar.

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