Sending a quote to a guest via the Multi Calendar

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After you set up your quotes, you'll be able to send a quote from the Multi Calendar. A link will be sent by email to the guest, indicating their options and inviting them to book the reservation. Once a reservation is confirmed, the quote link will no longer be available.

See the instructions below.

Before you begin

  • Make sure you set up your quote settings.
  • To allow guests to submit their payment information and book the reservation directly from the quote, connect your payment processing account to Guesty.
  • Additional fees that are set up per listing or account won't be presented in the breakdown of the quote but will be calculated into it. as a result, the quote's total payout may be higher than the sum of the parts in its breakdown, (e.g., Accommodation Fare, Cleaning Fee, and Taxes).
  • Quotes sent with the status "Reserved" will automatically expire after the time frame you set is over (unless you choose "Indefinitely") if they're not confirmed. If a guest wants to accept your offer later than that, you'll need to send them a new quote. The dates will be blocked on all relevant calendars until the quote expires.
  • Quotes sent with the status "Inquiry" will keep the calendar unblocked.
  • You can reserve the dates and price in a quote but not send the actual quote to the guest, by clicking Save only at the bottom of the inquiry screen. 
  • If you'd like to send a quote for multiple listings, an inquiry/reserved reservation will be created for each listing. Once the guest confirms one of the options, all but the relevant reservation will be closed.

Sending a quote from the Multi-Calendar (via Availability & Quote)

Step by step:

  1. Sign in to your Guesty account.
  2. In the top navigation bar, click the icon.
  3. On the top right, click Availability & Quote.
  4. Click Find availability.
  5. Enter the relevant start and end dates in the pop-up calendar.
  6. Edit any relevant filters (e.g. guests, tags, etc.).
  7. To the left, under "Find availability", enter the relevant start and end dates and edit any filters relevant to your current needs:
    • Number of guests
    • City
    • Tags
  8. Click Apply filters.
  9. On the left, mark the checkbox of the listings you'd like to include in the quote.
    • These listings are either available on the relevant dates or under a flexible block on those dates. Flexible blocks can be overridden. 
  10. In the pop-up window on the right, under "Contact details", click New guest to send a quote to a new guest, and fill in the relevant details. Otherwise, click Existing guest, and select the relevant guest from the upper dropdown.
  11. Under "Status" in "Channel & status", select Reserved to reserve the dates for a limited time or indefinitely. In this case, the dates will be blocked on all relevant calendars until the quote expires. Otherwise, select Inquiry to keep the calendars unblocked.


    • Under "Guests", even if you enter kids and/or infants as included in the reservation, the number of guests, as displayed on the reservation page, will only be the number of adults entered.
    • Under "Channel" in "Channel & status", only channels from existing reservations are displayed. To add a new channel, a reservation must be created with that channel.
  12. Choose how to proceed based on your needs:
    • To send the link to the guest in a message from the Guesty Inbox, click Save & send quote.
      • If needed, you can edit the message before clicking Send quote (e.g., for changing the subject line, adding variables, adding attachments, etc.).
    • To send the link to the guest in a message from an external inbox, click Save & copy quote and paste the link in that message.
    • To reserve the dates and price in the quote, but not send the actual quote to the guest, click Save.
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