Connecting Vrbo to Guesty: Account settings explained

Guesty Lite users:

If you're connecting Vrbo after 19 Feb 2024, this information is not relevant. See here for Vrbo connection instructions.

When connecting a Vrbo account to Guesty, you will be prompted to choose the settings that you would like to apply to your Vrbo account, such as the cancellation policy and methods of payment. These settings will apply to all listings in your Vrbo account. Once the account is connected and your listings have been published, you can update a listing's settings individually in Guesty. See the information below.

Account nickname

Give your Vrbo account a nickname to easily recognize it in Guesty. This is useful when connecting multiple Vrbo accounts. The nickname is only visible within Guesty.

Company name

Enter the name of your company as you would like it to appear to guests in Vrbo. This is optional.

Vrbo brand to connect

Vrbo operates a variety of international brand websites, such as in France and in New Zealand. During the connection process, you can choose which brand you'd like to use.

The brand you choose does not affect the way your listings are distributed. For example, a listing in Australia will appear on other Vrbo international websites, such as the German or American brand websites. 


Once a Vrbo account has been connected to Guesty, it is not possible to change the brand. You can connect multiple Vrbo brands to Guesty by connecting multiple Vrbo accounts, each with a different brand.

Supported languages and currencies per Vrbo brand

Each Vrbo brand supports only certain language and currencies. You must make sure the language and currency in Guesty matches your Vrbo account. See details in Vrbo's SSO guide.

If your company is not located in the US, Canada, UK, Spain, Italy, Portugal, France, Germany, Australia or New-Zealand or the country you are located has a different currency than USD, CAD, GBP, EUR, AUS, NZD you must select a Vrbo brand based on the currency first and then the language.

Please note the following:

  • Not all brands support all currencies.

    • If you are based in Europe and have an existing account on Vrbo US, you will not be able to connect your Vrbo US account to your software as Vrbo US only supports US or CAD Dollars.

      • In this case you will need to onboard as a net new customer and have an account created with a different email address.

    • If your existing account is on a brand that doesn't support the language and currency you have in your software, please create a new Vrbo account under the correct brand, with a new email address.

Each Guesty listing's content must be written in the brand's native language. For example, if your chosen brand is Abritel, all listing content must be written in French. Guesty automatically checks each listing's content to ensure that it is written in the correct language, and notifies you if changes are needed. 


If you are part of the Pilot program to manage multiple languages in Guesty, see here.

List of Vrbo's brands

See below a list of Vrbo's brand websites, along with their associated countries and languages.
Brand Website
New Zealand
United States
United States

Rental agreement

If you choose to send a rental agreement to guests to sign and agree to prior to arrival, you can upload your own or use Guesty's sample rental agreement. Click I accept the Legal terms of use when done.


The rental agreement will apply to all of your listings. Uploading a different rental agreement per listing is not possible.


Enter the currency in which listings should be displayed in your Vrbo account, based on the brand selection explained above. If any of your Guesty listings are set with a different currency, Guesty automatically converts the listing's pricing to the selected currency when updating the prices in Vrbo.
When reservations are received, Guesty will automatically convert the pricing to the Guesty listing's currency. This enables payments to be collected via Stripe in the Guesty listing's currency.

Primary guest minimum age

Specify the minimum age required to make a reservation at your Vrbo listings. This is the age of the primary guest making a reservation, rather than the age of guests allowed to stay at the property.


Once your listings are published to Vrbo, you can specify a different minimum age per listing. Learn more.

Booking settings

Choose if you would like guests to make reservations instantly, or whether they need to make a request to book. Please note that Vrbo does not allow same-day reservations.


Once your listings are published to Vrbo, you can specify different booking settings individually per listing. Learn more.

Cancellation policy

Choose a default cancellation policy for your Vrbo account.


Once your listings are published to Vrbo, you can choose a different cancellation policy per listing. Learn more.

Payment methods

Choose to collect payments for Vrbo reservations in Guesty via Stripe, or collect them manually outside of Guesty. 
Using Stripe allows guests to pay instantly. If choosing any of the other payment methods, collect the payment externally, and document that it was made outside of Guesty. We recommend selecting more than one payment method to provide guests with a few ways to pay.


Once your listings are published to Vrbo, you can specify a different payment method per listing. Learn more.


Vrbo requires payments to be collected via Stripe if you are located in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region. Collecting payments via other methods is not currently supported by Vrbo in this region.

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