How do I configure auto payments for Vrbo reservations?

The information in this article is relevant only for Pro users at this time.


When using Auto Payments for Vrbo reservations, the full payment must be collected before the guest checks out.

When creating or editing Auto Payment rules you will be asked to set the following settings:
  • When to collect the payment - "Scheduled collection of payment"
  • How much to collect upon payment - "Amount to collect"
  • How to collect the payment - "Use guest's card"
See important information regarding Vrbo and some of these settings below.

When to collect the payment

The following rule configurations for "Scheduled collection of payment" are not supported by Vrbo:
  • Before check-out: You can choose any of the following instead:
    • At or After Check-out.
    • At, Before, or After Check-in.
    • At or After Confirmation.
  • Minutes: You can use Days instead
  • Hours: You can use Days instead.

How to collect the payment

Vrbo requires 100% payment collection coverage. To comply, set up a "Rest of payment" or "At confirmation" auto payments rule.


Normally, checking "Use guest's card" would result in charging the guest's card to collect the payment, and unchecking it would result in recording a cash payment instead. However, for instant booking Vrbo reservations from the direct integration, the guest's card will always be charged, even if "Use guest's card" is not checked.

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