Connecting Vrbo to Guesty: Template for uploading existing Vrbo reservations

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When switching to Guesty's direct integration with Vrbo from another PMS/channel manager, all existing reservations in your Vrbo portfolio must be mapped in order to be managed by Guesty. To upload your existing Vrbo reservations to Guesty, contact us with this template in CSV format. Please note that the template must follow the exact format otherwise the upload will fail.


Please ensure that you have set up your taxes and commission rules in the account or relevant listing before uploading reservations. Otherwise, it will not be added to the reservation.

Mandatory Fields:

  1. accountId: Guesty Account ID (ex:563e0b6a08a2710e00057b82)
  2. listingId: Guesty Listing ID (ex: 59340fbed0140d1000c49f2f)
  3. firstName: Guest first name (ex: Lucy)
  4. lastName: Guest last name (ex: Perricone)
  5. numberOfGuests: Number of guests (ex: 7)
  6. checkIn: Date - YYYY-MM-DD (ex: 2019-07-22)
  7. checkOut: Date - YYYY-MM-DD (ex: 2019-07-23)
  8. status: One of the following:
    • Confirmed
    • Reserved
    • Inquiry
  9. currency: Currency (ex: USD)
  10. source: uploaded_VRBO
    1. NOTE: This is case sensitive. "uploaded_vrbo" is not valid, it must be "uploaded_VRBO"

Optional fields:

  1. accommodationFare: Accommodation fare (ex: 13828.2)
    •  If not provided, the price will be calculated according to the daily prices.
  2. cleaningFee: Cleaning fee (ex: 50) 
    • If not provided, the listing cleaning fee definition will be used.
  3. Additional Fees: (If one of the following fields is filled, the rest are mandatory):
    • The template includes the ability to fill in up to 3 additional fees per reservation. To add more, add the following 3 columns for every additional fee you want to add on top of the available columns in the template:
      • Additional fee type: (ex: additional bed, air conditioning, pool, etc. See a list of accepted fee types here.)
      • Additional fee name: (ex: Breakfast)
      • Additional fee amount:  (ex: 100)
  4. Fully paid: If you fill out this field, "Payment method" is mandatory:
    • Boolean (ex: TRUE)
  5. money.totalPaid: If you fill out this field, "Payment method" is mandatory:
    • Number (ex: 500). Only use this field if the reservation was only partially paid for.
  6. Payment method: One of the following:
    • Cash
    • Credit card
    • Debit card
    • E-check
  7. phone: Phone number (ex:16266883744)
  8. email: Guest email.
  9. confirmedAt: Date - YYYY-MM-DD (ex: 2019-07-22)
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