How soon do alterations to a reservation in Guesty update in Vrbo?

The information in this article is relevant only for Guesty Lite users who started connecting Vrbo before 19 Feb 2024 and for Pro users.

The following changes to a reservation made in Guesty will be updated in Vrbo within 24 hours:
  • Listing change
    • Please note that any listing changes on a reservation will not appear on the UI but will be applied internally on Vrbo.
  • Change of dates
  • Change of occupancy
  • Cancelation of confirmed reservations


We recommend creating an Automated Message template that will be sent upon the alteration of a reservation. This is to let the guest know that the alteration has been made, but it will take a bit longer to be updated in Vrbo's platform. You can ensure that it is sent only for Vrbo reservations by adding a Channel sending condition.
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