Changing a Vrbo listing's address

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Update during publishing process

Option 1: Set the full address field in Guesty

You can update your address in Guesty before publishing to Vrbo following the steps linked here:

Option 2: Error messages or bulk listing address update

If you receive an "invalid address" error message, or if you would like to update your listings' addresses in bulk, please make a copy of this Excel template, fill out the required fields, then contact us with the completed form attached.

Required Fields

  1. Listing ID: Guesty Listing ID (example: 59340fbed0140d1000c49f2f)
  2. Listing name
  3. Full address
  4. Street
    1. You can use "Unnamed Road" as a placeholder for listings or addresses where the actual street name is unknown or does not exist.
  5. Apartment/Unit
  6. City
  7. State
  8. Country
  9. Zip code
    1. While it is possible for an address to have no zip code, it is rare and mostly found in remote areas or some international locations. In that situation, use "0000" as an alternative.
  10. Latitude
  11. Longitude
  12. Google maps link


  • Google Maps API or Map Developers helps determine the exact coordinates, ensuring that they correlate with the provided street address.
  • Use 6-digit numbers for latitude and longitude only.

Update after publishing

Once you publish a listing to Vrbo, the listing address can only be updated manually by Vrbo Support. Any change made to the address in Guesty will not be reflected in Vrbo and may be viewed by Vrbo as attempted fraud.

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