Connecting Vrbo to Guesty: Overview (Pro and Lite users)

Integrating your Vrbo account with Guesty can streamline your vacation rental management process, providing you with centralized control and enhanced efficiency. Whether you're transitioning from another channel manager or PMS or simply seeking to optimize your operations, this guide offers you a comprehensive walkthrough to ensure a seamless connection between Vrbo and Guesty.

Connecting Vrbo account and listings

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Please review the below information before starting the connection process. This will give you an understanding of what the process entails, what you'll need to prepare in advance, and how long you can expect the process to take.

Connection process overview

The entire connection process can take several days to complete and includes the following separate steps between Guesty and Vrbo:

  1. the Guesty icon Connect your Vrbo account, select Guesty listings to publish to Vrbo
  2. the Vrbo icon Fill out Vrbo’s Self-Service Onboarding (SSO) form and submit to Vrbo
  3. the Vrbo icon Wait for a Vrbo Onboarding specialist to contact you to answer any questions and to activate the connection with Guesty

Moving to Guesty from an existing Vrbo account

If you have an existing Vrbo account, you will need to take the following additional steps:

  1. the Vrbo icon Work with the Onboarding specialist to match your existing Vrbo listings to the Guesty listings
  2. the Guesty icon the Vrbo icon Manage your existing Vrbo reservations
    1. If you are moving from Vrbo directly, reservations will need to be added manually in Guesty
    2. If you are moving from another channel manager or Property Management Software (PMS), reservations can be uploaded or added manually.

Please note that when you are switching your existing Vrbo account to a direct connection with Guesty, Vrbo requires all existing listings in your Vrbo portfolio to be published and managed by Guesty.

Potential delays and how to avoid them

Following are some common reasons for the connection process to take longer than anticipated:

  • the Guesty iconThe Guesty listing content doesn’t match Vrbo’s listing requirements
  • the Guesty iconYou select a Vrbo brand to connect that is not compatible with the listing currency and/or language set up in Guesty
  • the Vrbo iconYou and the Vrbo onboarding specialist do not connect to complete the Vrbo steps
  • the Guesty iconThe reservations upload is not complete or fails (relevant only for existing Vrbo accounts)

Get started!

Once you are ready to begin, follow these detailed steps to integrate your Vrbo account with Guesty.

Managing listing settings after connecting

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Once the account is connected and your listings have been published, you can update a listing's settings individually in Guesty. Learn how data is synced and updated between the platforms.

Publishing or linking additional Vrbo listings

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Create a single-unit listing in your Guesty account and publish it to Vrbo.

Publishing multi-unit in Vrbo is not yet supported. If you want to publish a multi-unit, create a multi-unit listing in your Guesty account and publish each sub-unit as a separate listing to make sure the listing's availability is reflected correctly in Vrbo.


You can only publish one listing at a time.

Disconnecting Vrbo

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Reconnecting Vrbo

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  • Once a listing is disconnected, Guesty will no longer sync the listing's content, calendar, receive reservations and messages from Vrbo. If you would like to publish the listing again, you have two options:
    • Reconnecting the listing again to the same Vrbo account: You must contact Vrbo Support directly.
    • Reconnecting the listing on a different account or to a newly created Vrbo account: Publish as per the above process.
  • Reconnecting an existing Vrbo account is not supported, we recommend creating a new account then following the steps above to connect to Guesty.

Adding a booking channel link to your Vrbo listing in Guesty (Pro only)

If a booking channel's listing page link is missing from Guesty, you can add it manually to the listing's page to be able to access it from Guesty. 

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