What do I need to know about Vrbo channel commission?

When you list your property on Vrbo, you are using Vrbo’s channel services to market your business. Vrbo will take a commission from you for those services. This is referred as "channel commission".

The Vrbo host fee/channel commission fee is 5%. It is charged 48 hours after booking unless a cancellation is received. If the fee was already charged when the reservation was canceled, it will be refunded.


If you would like to change the credit card that is for the Vrbo channel commission charge, please contact Vrbo.

Vrbo has two types of channel commission: Pay Per Booking, which is per reservation, and Pay Per Subscription, which is a fixed fee. Read some important information about each type below.

Pay per subscription

We recommend setting the Vrbo channel commission in Guesty to zero, on your Guesty account or per listing, depending on your settings in Vrbo.

Pay per booking

The channel commission for Pay Per Booking is calculated based on the sub-total of the reservation, which includes:

  • The accommodation fare
  • Discount, when applicable
  • Cleaning fee
  • Additional fees

Service fees and taxes are excluded from this calculation in Vrbo. Learn more about Pay Per Booking in Vrbo's help article.


Vrbo does not send Guesty channel commission information. To make sure the commission is reflected on Vrbo reservations, configure this on your Guesty account or per listing. The commission for new Vrbo reservations will be based on this configuration. However, the commission for Vrbo in Guesty is calculated based on the accommodation fare and cleaning fee only. Since additional fees are excluded from the calculation only in Guesty, the channel commission in Guesty and Vrbo will not match. 


Contact us to update all past/existing Vrbo reservations.

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