Checklist for publishing listings from Guesty to Vrbo

The information in this article is relevant only for Guesty Lite users who started connecting Vrbo before 19 Feb 2024 and for Pro users.

In order to publish listings to Vrbo, please take note of the important limitations associated with the integration and ensure that the following requirements are met for each of your listings. 


  • Security Deposits are not currently supported.
  • Automated authorization holds are supported for the following scenarios:
    • Request to book reservations - upon confirmation of a reservation.
    • Instant book reservations - upon alteration of a reservation’s financial data when there is an outstanding balance due.
  • A maximum of 50 photos per listing: If you have more than 50 photos for a listing in Guesty, you will need to either delete some photos before uploading new ones or reorder the existing photos, since Vrbo will only display the first 50.



  • The property type must be specified.
  • A minimum of 5 amenities is required.
  • The number of guests, bedrooms, and bathrooms must be specified.
  • You need to complete the Registration number form in your Vrbo dashboard for the listing to go live.
  • The listing address must have a complete and valid address (street, building number, longitude, latitude values, etc.) Follow these instructions for changing the listing address.

Title and descriptions

  • The headline and description must support the language of the Vrbo master brand that was chosen for the connection. Learn more
    • Headline/Title: Must be 20 to 80 characters long.
      • For listings on Vrbo Japan, at least 10 characters must be specified. A maximum of 80 characters is allowed.

      • If the listing's title is under Vrbo's minimum 20 character requirement, Guesty will automatically add part of the listing's description to the title. Titles may have different parts of the word "Summary" added at the end.

    • Description: Must be 400 to 10,000 characters long. When Guesty sends the description to Vrbo, it combines all of the listing's description fields and sends them as a single description. Make sure the total amount of the fields' characters does not exceed 10,000. The description fields are:
      • Summary
      • The Space
      • Guest Access
      • The Neighborhood
      • Getting Around
      • Other Things to Note
      • Interaction with Guests


  • A minimum of 7 photos is required.

    • Minimum quality resolution: 1920x1080 pixels

    • Best quality resolution: 3840x2160 pixels or higher

    • Maximum file size: 20 MB

    • Supported formats: JPEG/JPG, PNG, or GIF

    • Desired photo quality: Sharp, well-lit, high-resolution photos

    • Photo orientation: Horizontal (landscape) display

  • Make sure that there are no duplicate images, as this will prevent the listing from connecting to Vrbo.
  • Captions for listings' images can reach a maximum of 400 characters.


  • All rates and fees must be consistent with the currency of the Vrbo master brand that was chosen for the connection.
  • The listing must have Auto Payments set up in line with those that are supported by Vrbo.
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