Why do I have nightly rates or min nights that are different from what I set up?

Guesty offers multiple ways in which you can manage and control your rates.

When you create a new listing, you initially set up a base price and default minimum nights for your listing.

If your nightly rate or minimum night values are different from the ones set up on the listing level, it is probably caused by a pricing tool or a manual setup, overriding your previous configuration.

Read the below to understand which tool or configuration is overriding your initial setup.

Check the "minimum nights or rates" set up in the calendar

You can change "min nights and rates" values via the listing's calendar or Multi-calendar. You can always activate/deactivate this override, by ticking the checkboxes to the left of "Override nightly rate" or "Override minimum nights", and using the up/down arrows to input your desired values.


It is possible to set a different nightly rate for each sub-unit (so it overrides the multi-unit nightly rate).

You can also apply a different minimum number of nights to all the sub-units or for a specific sub-unit

Confirm if you are using Guesty PriceOptimizer to manage your rates

If Guesty PriceOptimizer is enabled on a listing, any manual adjustments to the base price and default minimum nights must be done in Guesty PriceOptimizer directly. Once you've enabled Guesty PriceOptimizer, the previous nightly rates and calendar minimum nights will be overridden in both the Multi-Calendar and/or the listing calendar.

PriceOptimizer overrides any rate strategy rules you may have.

Confirm if you are using rate strategies to manage your rates

You can also manage nightly rates and calendar minimum nights automatically with a rate strategy, updating nightly rates in bulk on a daily basis.

If your listings are assigned a rate strategy, nightly rates are calculated based on the base price and the rate strategy rules. You can manually update the rate strategies as needed.

Lastly, check for manual overrides for your minimum nights and rate settings

When using any of the tools below, the most recent change will apply.

  • Changing the nightly rate or calendar minimum night values in the Multi-Calendar.
  • Changes via Open API.
  • Using external/3rd party pricing tools.
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