Reconline CIH: Listings & rate plans connection statuses

This article is only relevant for connecting with Reconline CIH.

When connecting your Guesty's listings to Reconline CIH, the listing connection status, and each listing's rate plans mapping status,  can be one of the following: "Completed", "Not started", or "In progress".

Please note that every single-unit/multi-unit of the complex (equivalent to every room type under the same Hotel ID in Reconline CIH) will be shown in a different row, having its own listing's connection status and rate plans mapping status displayed.

Also, note that the integration page will display the listings under each complex as they appear in the channel. I.e., under every connected hotel ID, you can see a list of all the room types that are associated with the Hotel ID in the channel, even if they are not connected in Guesty.

The listing's connection status

To see the listing's current connection status, you need to access the Reconline CIH integration page. In the relevant unit's row, check the status under the "Status" column.

Learn more about each status below.

In progress

The listing has been linked to Reconline CIH, and it is now pending the successful completion of the connection process.


The listing is connected to the channel, and at least one rate plan has been mapped. The connection is active.

Not started

The channel's listing hasn’t been linked to any listing in Guesty ( the listing is not connected).


The rate plans' mapping status

For each listing, you can see how many of its rate plans have been connected under the "Rate plans mapped" column. The status-related color will change based on whether all of the listing's rate plans are fully mapped (=green), whether only some rate plans have been mapped (=orange), or if all rate plans haven't been mapped (=gray).

To view a more detailed status of the rate plan mapping, click  in the status field.

A pop-up window will appear, where you'll be able to see the mapping you made between the listing's rate plans in Guesty to the rate plans in Reconline CIH during the connection setup, and make changes to the mapping. 

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