Advanced Analytics: Reservations dashboard

Advanced Analytics is a premium feature available to Pro users only. Contact us to discuss activating it.

The reservations dashboard  provides a comprehensive view of reservation data, helping property managers make informed decisions and optimize their operations. It is designed to give you detailed insights into your property's reservation performance, and includes several sections that present data on total reservations, reservation channels, statuses, creation dates, check-in and check-out patterns, length of stay, and potential lost revenue. 


Total reservations

At the top of the reservations dashboard, you’ll find the total number of reservations, providing a quick snapshot of your property's booking activity.

Reservations by channel

This section shows the distribution of reservations across different booking channels, such as manual bookings and website bookings. It helps you identify which channels are performing well and where there might be opportunities for improvement.

Reservations by status

Understanding the status of your reservations is crucial for managing your operations. This section breaks down the number of confirmed and canceled reservations and calculates the cancellation percentage.

New reservations by creation date

This chart tracks the number of new reservations created each month, allowing you to spot trends in booking activity. 

Reservations created-at and check-in/check-out by weekdays

Analyzing reservations by the day of the week can help you optimize your booking strategy. These charts show the percentage and number of reservations created, checked in, and checked out on each weekday.

Distribution of confirmed reservations by nights booked

Understanding how long guests typically stay can inform your pricing and availability strategies. This chart shows the distribution of confirmed reservations by the number of nights booked. 

Length of stay and booking window trends

This section provides insights into the average length of stay for confirmed reservations and the booking window trends. It also categorizes reservations based on how far in advance they were booked (booking lead time), helping you understand your guests' booking behavior.

Owner reservations

If you have owner-occupied properties, this section tracks the number of nights booked by owners and the potential lost revenue.

Reservations data table

At the bottom of the reservations dashboard, you’ll find a detailed table listing each reservation's specifics, including reservation ID, channel, confirmation date, check-in and check-out dates, source, status, and guest information. This table is invaluable for detailed analysis and tracking individual reservations.

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