Best practices: Keeping your property welcoming, clean, and well-maintained

Hosting your property in a high-quality condition is the main goal of a guest’s stay. Use our guide and recommendations below to help provide a welcoming, clean, and well-maintained stay for your guests.

Property and maintenance checklist

Make sure to do the following before, during, and/or after your guest’s stay:

  • Maintain cleanliness
    Remember, cleanliness is one of the most important factors for guests — and usually one of the topics guests will be asked about during their review.
    Keep your property clean and tidy, paying attention to all areas including bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchen, and common spaces. If possible, offer an option for a turn-down service during your guest’s stay.
  • Ensure comfortable beds and bedding
    Invest in comfortable mattresses, pillows, and quality bedding to ensure guests get a restful night's sleep. Clean and fresh linens are also essential for guest comfort.
  • Schedule regular maintenance check-ups
    Whether it’s checking that all the lights work or doing a routine check-up with the air conditioning/heating system, we recommend you make sure that your property’s maintenance is taken care of before and after each guest’s stay.


Using task management tools

From check-out cleanings and check-in inspections to preventive maintenance, make sure nothing falls through the cracks by setting up recurring tasks to be generated and assigned after specific triggering events or on a schedule.
In your dashboard, you can assign cleaning tasks, check cleaning status, and more.

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Managing your property’s cleaning and maintenance staff

Receiving a 5-star rating for your property starts and ends with a 5-star team.
Follow our guide below to help manage and motivate your property’s cleaning and maintenance team:

  • Show appreciation and public praise
    Publicly acknowledge cleaners who consistently receive 5-star reviews. This could be through a company newsletter, social media shoutouts, or a "Cleaner of the Month" program.
  • Host contests and leaderboards
    Create friendly competition with leaderboards showcasing cleaners with the most 5-star reviews, and monthly contests with prizes for top performers.
  • Provide top-notch cleaning supplies and equipment
    Make sure cleaners have everything they need to deliver exceptional results. High-quality tools make a job easier and lead to better outcomes.
  • Offer training and development
    Offer ongoing training to help cleaners stay up-to-date on cleaning techniques and customer service best practices. This can empower them to tackle any cleaning challenge and exceed expectations with confidence.
  • Review feedback sessions together
    Schedule regular meetings to discuss reviews, both positive and negative. Help your staff learn from constructive criticism and celebrate positive feedback.
  • Be open and receptive to a two-way communication system
    Encourage open communication with cleaners, and listen to their concerns and suggestions for improvement. This fosters a positive work environment and shows you value their feedback.


Using Guesty’s Marketplace Partners

Guesty offers integration with different Marketplace Partners that automate cleaning schedules, track maintenance tasks, and ensure property standards are met. Enhance efficiency, minimize errors, and optimize your operations to maintain high levels of cleanliness and guest satisfaction.
Here are our top recommendations for cleaning management partners:

Learn more about our additional guest experience management partners.
You can also view the list of options in the Marketplace by filtering “Cleaning Management” partners in the Operations category.

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