Advanced Website: SEO Overview Dashboard

The SEO Overview within your site overview serves as a centralized hub for managing SEO settings across your entire site. Here, you can efficiently handle various aspects of SEO, including Page Meta Tags, Image Alt Text, Site’s Open Graph, Favicon, and Local Business Schema.


Distinct Views

SEO Overview offers three distinct views: ‘All’, ‘Needs Attention’, and ‘Recommended.

  • In All, also the default view, you will find a comprehensive display of both addressed and non-addressed categories of SEO settings. Use this view to gain a holistic understanding of your site's SEO status.
  • In Needs Attention, you will find category highlights with potential issues that may require immediate action. Use this view for identifying critical issues that require prompt resolution.
  • In Recommended, you will discover categories suggesting non-mandatory opportunities for enhancing SEO. Use this view to explore recommendations to further optimize your site's performance and visibility.

Each view features rows and nested rows with status type indicators for SEO settings. These indicators include a status label, a brief description, and options to View Details or Fix it.


Status Types

Currently, there are four different status types in the SEO Overview:

  • High Priority. Indicates an issue of utmost importance that demands immediate attention. (Displayed in red)

  • Medium Priority. Suggests issues of moderate importance that should be addressed when time permits. (Displayed in orange or yellow)
  • Optimized. Confirms that everything is set up correctly with no issues to fix. (Displayed in green)
  • Notice. Offers recommendations to enhance the site's SEO, though not mandatory. (Displayed in grey)


Management Navigation and Action

To efficiently manage SEO settings such as Page Meta Tags, Image Alt Text, Site's Open Graph, Favicon, and Local Business Schema, simply click on View Details or Fix it. These actions direct you to the relevant screen, such as the alt text management table. The action copy dynamically changes based on the issue's specific status type.


Access the SEO Overview

To access the SEO Overview:

  1. From the dashboard, locate the site in the list. Choose one of two options:
    • Option 01: Hover on and click the Overview icon next to the site. In the side panel of the site overview, click SEO and then select SEO Overview.
    • Option 02: Hover on and click the Edit icon next to the site. In the side panel of the editor, click SEO & Settings and then click SEO. Click any AI button to open site overview overlay. In the side panel of the site overview overlay, select SEO Overview.


Additional SEO Settings and Tools

Guesty advanced websites offer a variety of settings and tools for SEO. For more information, see the following articles:

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