Airbnb: New or removed listings aren't syncing to Guesty

If you've created or deleted a listing in Airbnb, but don't see the changes reflected in Guesty, it could be because the Airbnb account in Guesty wasn't automatically synced.

Once your Airbnb account is connected, the listings will be pulled from Airbnb and displayed in Guesty. However, after the initial account connection, the dashboard won't automatically update the list of listings.

In order to avoid discrepancies with your list of listings, manually sync your Distribution page dashboard in Guesty to view an updated list. This includes new listings created in Airbnb or listings deleted in Airbnb.


Co-hosted listings won't be imported into Guesty.
Learn more about connecting an Airbnb Co-host to Guesty accounts.


Follow the troubleshooting steps below if you're experiencing one of the following on your Airbnb Distribution page:

  • You don't see your new listing created via Airbnb
  • You still see deleted Airbnb listings that are no longer connected to Guesty
  • You can’t reconnect the listing because there is a failed connection/error about the API token being expired/not valid
    In this case, the connection will fail since the listing has been deleted in Airbnb (meaning it no longer exists and can't be connected to Guesty).


First, click the sync button the sync icon to refresh the list of listings.

Pro users

Lite users

Airbnb dashboard - sync button.png

Then, refresh the page (in Guesty) in order to see new listings created on Airbnb. It can take 3-5 minutes for a new listing to appear.


If a new listing is still not appearing, check the following:

  • Check if the Airbnb account connected to Guesty has listings
  • Check if the listing is active/listed
  • Check if your listing has been suspended
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