Vrbo guest cancellation automatic sync


Guesty Lite users: If you connected to Vrbo after 19 Feb 2024, cancel a reservation directly via Vrbo. If you connected prior to this date, follow the information below.

Guests can now cancel a reservation themselves in Vrbo, with no additional action required on your part. 

The guest cancellation made in Vrbo will sync automatically with Guesty, updating the reservations status to canceled. A cancellation notification will be sent to you in the Guesty Inbox.

Please take note of the following:

  • Imported reservations

Cancellation of imported reservations is supported, as long as they were imported accurately based on these instructions and template. If a reservation was not imported accurately the guest cancellation in Vrbo won't sync and it must be done manually in Guesty.

  • Cancellation after check-in date

Following Vrbo's process, guests will be allowed to cancel when the check-in date in the past, as long as the check-out date is in the future. You will be responsible for charging or refunding the guest's credit card based on your cancellation policy.

Guests cannot cancel in Vrbo once the check-out date is in the past.

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