Why is my calendar in Expedia available when it’s blocked in Guesty?

The information in this article is relevant only for Pro users at this time.

Guesty will sync the calendar availability for Expedia reservations, even if there are discrepancies on the Expedia Extranet.

You might see some discrepancies on the Expedia Extranet due to the type of property and rate plans the listing has. Expedia's calendar breaks up each rate plan option into different sections on the calendar, even if it's for the same property.

  1. If a single unit has multiple rate plans:
    Dates will be blocked for all rate-plans and there shouldn't be any discrepancies. This is because single-unit data is pushed for only one rate plan, meaning there is only one part of the listing calendar to update in Expedia.
  2. If a multi-unit has multiple rate plans:
    Dates will be blocked for only one rate plan on the Expedia Extranet when it’s unavailable. This means that any additional rate plans will show as open/available even if the dates are unavailable.
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