A cancellation policy can be set as part of a rate plan (Pro users only), or as a standalone, (i.e., not as part of a rate plan), depending on the integration with the specific booking channel. A cancellation policy from either of these types is required to make the listing sellable in the booking channel. Learn more about the differences between a cancellation policy and a rate plan, and of any channel limitations

Cancellation policies cannot be edited in bulk and must be updated separately for each listing.  However, you can update cancellation policies in bulk if they are arranged as part of a rate plan. You only need to change a rate plan once, and all the related cancellation policies will update automatically.


If you're using a rate plan, and it has dates excluded from it, you must create another rate plan for these dates with pricing rates and availability rules. Otherwise, the listing won't be sellable on these dates.

If you want to update stand-alone cancellation policies in bulk, you can contact us with the relevant listing IDs, and the booking channels you want the change to be applied.  We cannot make, however, a bulk update to cancellation policies for direct integrations (including a manual source). In this case, you can create a rate plan instead.

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