Unable to create reservations or quotes via the Guesty Booking Engine API

When creating a Booking Engine API instant, you configure the reservation's bookingType: Only inquiries, only instant booking, or both.

An Inquiry booking type requires manual confirmation of the booking request, while an Instant booking type enables a direct booking, without manual intervention. 

If you encounter API errors while trying to create reservations or quotes, ensure your API requests match the relevant booking type configuration:

If you encounter the following API error: "WRONG_PAYMENT_CONFIG" with the message: “Failed to create a reservation. Request is not allowed for the current booking type,” it is likely the result of a mismatch between your configured booking type and the type of request you are making.
To troubleshoot, check that your booking type configuration in the API setup Check your API aligns with the type of reservations you intend to process. If you find any discrepancies, adjust your bookingType settings through the API configuration panel on our UI to suit your operational needs.


For detailed guidance on endpoints, parameters, and configurations, please refer to the appropriate section of our API Documentation.
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